About Billie

Welcome to Billie’s Babywearing. When I started babywearing I thought it was about convenience… for me. But quickly I discovered that it was much more than that. I loved the closeness I felt when wearing my baby and the happiness it brought to me and my family was priceless. My baby is happy in a sling, we giggle, we sing, we dance around the house and it is a great place for naps. I saw how much my husband enjoyed carrying our new baby, and she thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened! The closeness you feel, Moms and Dads, while carrying your baby is hard to beat.

I started off with a stretchy wrap but my husband couldn’t get the hang of it, so we also got a soft structured carrier. My husband loves the ease of the buckle system on the soft structured carrier (SSC) but since I had a c-section, the padded waistband just wasn’t comfortable for me. I also preferred the softness of a wrap… and this is how I got into trying loads of different carriers.

Finally I settled on a super comfy mei tai, then I got a wrap. But there are so many different beautiful woven wraps out there and I ended up with, well lets say one wrap too many!

I started to talk to my friends about (and anyone who would listen!) how great babywearing is. Before I knew it I got so enthusiastic that I decided to become a babywearing consultant (Trageschule Trained) and share my love of babywearing and to help others find a sling that suits them and their baby.

Besides babywearing consultancy and workshops, I also offer a small selection of slings in my webshop. All of them are ergonomic which means that they hold your baby in the correct position for your baby and the wraps I have chosen to are in the colours that I think are lovely.

I also organise a monthly Sling Cafe, where babywearing enthusiast (beginners and experienced) come together for a chat and share their babywearing secrets! You can share experiences, try each other’s slings, have some tea and sticky bun. Check out when the next Sling Cafe is held on the top menu.

Billie’s Babywearing is also on Facebook, and I would be happy if you could like my page!

Happy Babywearing,