Babywearing Consultancy

Price List Consultancy

One-on-one consultation
1 ½  hours – Euro 30.00

Duo consultation
2 hours – Euro 25.00 per person

From bump-to-baby consultation
2 x 1 hours – Euro 50.00 per person
or Euro 60 per couple

Varies per workshop

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Wearing Your Baby is a Gift!

Looking for a gift idea for new parents or parents to be? Gift vouchers can be redeemed in the online shop or for a consultation session.

Wearing your baby is a beautiful experience, for both you and your baby. There are so many different types or carrier and lots of pretty designs available. With all this choice you may need some help finding the perfect carrier for you and your baby – and that’s where I come in!

As certified Babywearing Consultant I can help you decide which sling is right for you. During every consultation or workshop you will learn about the benefits of babywearing, the ergonomically correct positioning of your baby and how to use slings and carriers safely.

The benefit of a babywearing consultancy session or workshop for you is that by the end of it you will be confident and happy wearing your baby.

One-on-one sling consultation
One-on-one are tailored to your needs, whether you are new to babywearing and want to find out more about slings and baby carriers or already have a carrier or sling and want to learn more about it.

Duo sling consultation
Duo consultation session are specially for couples or for example two pregnant friends. The consultation is tailored to your needs.

From bump-to-baby sling consultation
This is a two-part consultation; one before and one after your baby arrives.
The first session takes place before the arrival of your baby. It will include an introduction on babywearing, show you the different types of slings available, ergonomically correct positioning of your baby and how to use slings and carriers safely. The second consultation takes place once your baby has arrived. During this consultation I will ensure you that you are happy and comfortable wearing your baby in the sling that you have chosen. I will check the positioning of your baby and will help you with any troubleshooting if necessary.

Sling workshops
Workshops will focus on different topics, for example on a specific wrapping technique, a particular sling type, babywearing safety and correct positioning or a more general introduction about different slings and carriers. The number of participants is limited to 3 at a time. Workshops can also be booked privately as they work really well for small groups of new parents, moms to be and babies! MORE INFO HERE

Practical information
Workshops and consultations are hands on, I will bring a selection of different types of carriers; wrap, stretchy, soft structured carrier, Mei Tai, and ring slings – you can try them all! I will also bring babywearing dolls (a weighted doll) so we can practice together before trying it on your own baby. One week sling rental is included in a one-on-one and duo babywearing consultancy session. Consultations take place in my home in Glasnevin, in my consultancy room in Harold’s Cross or at your home.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a consultancy feel free to contact me.

Happy Babywearing,

x Billie