Benefits of Babywearing

There is a lot written about the benefits of babywearing at an academic level, however babywearing has been around since ancient times when nobody felt the need to analyse the benefits or reasons behind it. Looking at it from a practical point of view and as a babywearing consultant – I like to point out 3 main reasons why I love babywearing and I hope that you will love it too:

1. Happiness
Babies love to be carried. Babies enjoy affectionate body contact and they feel safe when being close to you. This feeling of security promotes healthy development of your child and physical contact increases a mother’s oxytocins level reducing risks of postpartum depression. Carrying your baby makes it easier for them to settle when they are windy or have reflux after feeds, are teething or are just unsettled. It is lovely for cuddles, dancing around the house and having giggles together. Babywearing brings you and your baby joy and happiness.

2. Freedom
Babywearing is ideal for situations where a buggy is just not handy (public transport, busy cities, markets, nature walks or a stroll on the beach..) and it gives you your hands free – especially practical when you have a busy household with other kids running around. Naps are great in slings and very convenient – no need to worry about waking your baby by taking her/him out of the buggy. Besides that, babies love the movement and your breathing and heartbeat has a calming effect. Babywearing gives you the freedom to keep enjoying your life (a little bit) like you used to do with the added value of  a lot of baby love.


3. Natural
It is very natural to carry your child, it gives pleasure and fulfillment to you as a parent. Nature has designed us to instinctively care for our children, we want to cuddle them, cradle, (breast) feed and play with them. And a baby cannot survive without parental support, your baby needs a feeling of acceptance and security, and the bodily closeness by being carried gives your child a feeling of belonging that they are seeking. Your baby can see you, smell you, hear you, touch you and even taste you. Babywearing is natural and as a parent you should follow our maternal instinct.

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