• Stretchy Wraps

    Stretchy Wraps

    Stretchy wraps are made of a soft stretchy cotton material, great for newborns. Available brands: ByKay, Boba

  • Woven Wraps

    Woven Wraps

    Woven wraps can be wrapped and tied around your body in different ways in a secure and supportive way. Great from newborn up to toddler-hood. Available brands: Little Frog, Yaro

  • Mei Tais

    Mei Tais

    A Mei tai is basically a rectangular shaped piece of fabric with two long straps at the base to tie around your waist and two at the top tied crossed over your shoulder and brought forward to cross under your baby’s bottom and then tied around your waist. It's way easier than this sounds! From newborn through toddler years. Available brands: ByKay, Fidella

  • Soft Structured Carriers

    Soft Structured Carriers

    These carriers follow the same principle as a Mei Tai but instead of straps they are tied with buckles and are usually padded. Some are suitable from birth but others may require an infant insert (usually up till about 5 months) or will need to be cinched at the base. Available brands: KiBi, Connecta & Tula

  • Ring Slings

    Ring Slings

    Ring slings are worn on one shoulder and they form a pouch for your baby to sit in and are a great for popping your baby in and out. Suitable for newborns through to toddler-hood. Available brands: Little Frog, ByKay

  • Water slings

    Water slings

    Water slings made from fast-drying soft fabric and lets you carry your baby in a safe and comfortable way in the shower, at the pool or on the beach. Available brands: ByKay

  • Accessories


    Babywearing and breastfeeding jewellery, hats, toys, babywearing bags - great accessories to go with your sling.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers

    Wearing Your Baby is a Gift! Gift vouchers can be redeemed in the online shop or used for a babywearing consultation. Great gift for new moms & new dads & parents to be!